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It began in 1985 when I took an interest in computer science and began taking some computer science courses while in the Air Force.

Fast forward to 1998 when, as an Air Reserve Technician, for the Air National Guard as an Aerospace Ground Support Technician, I decided to take the leap to make computers my career. I attended the Chubb Institute for Network Engineering and Data Communication. 

Since then I have obtained 7 IT industry certifications, Associates in Applied Science in Aerospace Ground Support Equipment Technology, Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management and an Executive Master’s in Business Administration.

Having been in the position of Systems Engineer, I understand what it is like to be at the forefront of technology and being the spearhead of implementing these technologies. In 2000, I was solely responsible for architecting the messaging system of the second largest bank in the New England area at the time (Citizens Bank), was a System Engineer for NNSA/DOE and eventually found myself in 2004 engineering the infrastructure services architecture for a startup organization called Ernest Health which now boasts 25 hospitals across the United States.

My leadership experience extends across 29 years. From the time of my enlistment in the US Air Force (Active and National Guard) as a supervisor and manager - to my tenure while at Ernest Health.  While at Ernest Health, I became the Director of IT reporting directly to the CFO. In this role I wore many hats to include the CIO role as well as the HIPAA and Security Officer, to name a few. I led a department of 30 individuals to include supervisors and managers across 6 teams.

I am proud to say that I have successfully led an IT department to become one of the best in Albuquerque, NM and have positively contributed to the ongoing success of a top 10% nationally recognized organization.

Along my career journey, I have lived with these following principles:

  • Work hard; Excellence must come from the inside
  • Do not compromise on your integrity; Be true to thyself
  • Always show dignity and respect; do not expect/tolerate anything less in return
  • In everything you do, excel; never give less than 100%
  • The quality of your work reflects you; take pride in it
  • Lead from the inside out; how can you lead others if you do not understand how to lead yourself?
  • I have been given a position of influence; then influence!
  • Wherever you are led to make a difference, leave it better than you came into it
  • Passion is the source of being driven, therefore, find your passion
  • Strive to make others better
  • Failure is NOT an option

My Passion


I am driven by my passion. This passion is defined in the statement “Leading with Purpose”. I am not one that just directs but am actively involved in enriching the lives of individuals within my department. My purpose is to enrich the lives of our department members by helping them strive to be the best they can be holistically so that together we can remove the obstacles to their success. Accomplishing this will inevitably contribute to the success of the department as well as contributing to the success of the organization. 


My Vision


My continuing vision is to be a transformative and purposeful executive leader of a meaningful organization. Enriching lives through personal improvement and technical expertise and leveraging the synergy created toward reaching our mutual objectives of aligning strategic IT initiatives to business strategic goals.

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